Traverse Media and its team have vast experience in conceptualizing, developing and producing a plethora of short form content including music videos, commercials, short films and series.

Our team has worked with artists such as: John Fogerty, P.O.D, Sean Lennon’s GOASTT, The Shires and Avicii. Promo spot clients include: Crypt TV, We Inspire, and Anoto.

Our latest short form production is filmmaker Shaka King's provocative short film LAZERCISM starring Lakeith Stanfield (GET OUT, ATLANTA). The film provides a humorous, yet searing look at racism in today's world. 


LaZercism by Shaka King 


Traverse also recently co-produced several spots for The Game Show Network’s Seven Deadly Sins season of HELLEVATOR with CRYPT TV. Directed by Calvin Lee Reeder, these promos collectively have garnered over one million views. 

"Gluttony" for Crypt TV

"Gluttony" for Crypt TV

"Pride" for Crypt TV

"Pride" for Crypt TV

The Traverse talent roster also includes directors with extensive short form experience. Please see links below for a sampling of their work:

Miguel Ortega & Tran Ma

Danny Perez

Rich Ragsdale

Burke Roberts

Eron Sheean